No VI Chophouse –Novi and Le Clos

No VI Chophouse and the City of Novi both derived their name from the same signpost.  Legend has it, that is was the sixth stop on the wagon run from Detroit to Lansing, hence if you use part English and part Roman Numerals you have No. (Number) VI (six) which became Novi through shorthand, one would surmise.

The Hotel Baronette was built on the outer ring of a shopping center in Novi and wished to have an upscale restaurant.  The No VI Chophouse obliged and did a wonderful job both as a chop house and a lobster house.   The hotel and the restaurant catered to the business man who demanded the best and that is what they delivered.  We were having dinner there one night with relatives that were staying at the hotel.

We had a wonderful dinner that only a chop house type eatery could offer, and I do think an independent restaurant has to strive harder as they cannot rely on their national laurels.  We had shrimp cocktails, a big salad and a filet mignon, which is my favorite cut of meat, because to me there is no waste and no bone to fuss with, and when it is aged properly, it is like butter to the knife.

We had a wine that evening, which I guess is no longer being offered by the winery, when I went to look up some background information on it.  The wine is by Clos Duval of Napa Valley and is labeled as “Le Clos.”  It also says on the label “red wine” so I am presuming it was a Meritage type of wine, the vintage year must have been on a separate label, that I do not have, and I did not record it on the back of the label.  I must have had a period of mental lapses as I seem to be missing some data, and some of memories are a bit fuzzy.  I know that we enjoyed the wine and the dinner, because wine labels that were not impressive went into a separate box for keepsakes.  I prefer not to mention wines that were not great, as I do like to keep this journal positive.


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