Once in Awhile I Like to Get Surprised

Periodically my Bride goes out to replenish some of the basic wines that somehow seem to evaporate.  There is a technical term when the wine evaporates in a sealed bottle while it is aging, which is called ullage.  This is not what I am talking about.  Certain basic go-to wines never seem to stay in the racks, which is a good thing I guess.  When you are nibbling on some cheese and crackers in the afternoon or sometimes in the evening after dinner, wine just goes along with the nosh.

Back to my Bride who comes back from one of the big box membership stores with a case of wine, as we were getting low on some basic Chardonnay wines, which will get there own story one day.  As I am making room in the cellar and making hanging neck labels to store the wines.  I see that three of the bottles are not her basic Chardonnay purchase.

I go upstairs and I ask her about the three bottles and she tells me that a young man in the wine department touted the fact, that she should try this wine.  She listens to him, agrees and buys three bottles.   She tells me that I like Meritage wines, when we go out to restaurants, so this wine should be good.  As a side bar, I do enjoy Meritage wines, which is a relatively new term for Bordeaux style blended wines from California.  As long as they are members of the society that was formed, they may call the wine a Meritage.  Some winemakers do not belong to the society, because they were experimenting with the Bordeaux style and created this New World taste sensation.

So now I had three bottles of Kirkland Meritage wine, and I am thinking to myself, now there is a generic Meritage wine.   I figure that during some party when the wine is flowing, this may be a good second or third bottle of wine to open when there is a group of people quaffing wine, instead of drinking wine.  I know that I sound like a snob, but the economics of pouring sixty dollar bottles of wine to some people who really don’t drink wine is not a sound fiscal policy.  So I thought that this would be the proper way to serve this wine and most people recognize the “brand” Kirkland from mixed nuts to paper products.

An occasion occurred and I started with a better wine, as the host was also enjoying himself, and then I opened up the first of the three Kirkland Meritage wines.  I was impressed with the nose of the wine immediately.   The color was what I expected and it tasted like a Bordeaux Superior wine.  I was happy to know that all was good, and if anyone sniffed in doubt at the label, I could with all confidence insist that they try some, before giving me a hard time.  There were no complaints, and my Bride did a wonderful service in the wine selection as well as in all of the food preparation.  I just kind of blended into the wallpaper for all of my work that evening.


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A non-technical wine writer, who enjoys the moment with the wine, as much as the wine. Twitter.com/WineRaconteur Instagram/thewineraconteur Facebook/ The Wine Raconteur
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