The Court of Two Sisters

We had spent the day walking around the French Quarter after having had a wonderful brunch.  We explored some of the fine antique shops, art shops and the retired United States Mint.  We decided maybe to have a light dinner at the restaurant across the street from our hotel at The Court of Two Sisters.

Even though we had no reservations, the restaurant was large enough that we got in without a long delay.  After looking at the menu we decided that a fine dinner was in store for us.  We enjoyed Crawfish Maison, a Creole Seafood Gumbo, a Caesar Salad, a Hearts of Palm Salad, Sweet Potato Pancakes, Lobster Thermidor, Pompano en Papillote and Cherries Jubilee.

As I was looking at the wine list, I was surprised to see that they had a Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc priced the same as we had seen the past year at the winery.   I was amazed.  I asked the waiter if we would be able to purchase bottles of wine unopened to take with us; he informed me that this was New Orleans and we could do anything we desired.  So we ended up with a six pack of the wine, and enjoyed one with dinner.   Needless to say the weather in New Orleans can be extremely hot and humid and the Sauvignon Blanc was the perfect wine for that type of weather.   The grapefruit tartness of the wine at first taste, made me wonder if it would be in contrast to the sauces of the dishes, but it seemed to mellow the richness of the meal.

LA Court of Two Sisters MB


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