Arnaud’s and a Mini Mardi Gras Museum

Another one of the famous restaurants in New Orleans in Arnaud’s in a city known for culinary delights.  Not only are they famous for their cuisine, they also have a small museum on the premises featuring articles from different Mardi gras parades and parties.  Mardi Gras is the biggest event in New Orleans and engulfs the entire French Quarter.   I have never been, but my dear Bride has gone, years before we met.

When we went to Arnaud’s we attended their “Brunch & Jazz” program.   Not only is the food great, but to hear classic New Orleans jazz performed while you are dining.  If you weren’t aware of it, music is as much a part of the French Quarter as wine, food and revelry.   The brunch at Arnaud’s is a four course “prixe-fixe” according to the entrée that you select.

We started with Shrimp Arnaud for my Bride and I enjoyed the Turtle Soup; this was followed by a salad.  For entrees my Bride enjoyed Eggs Hussarde (think of Eggs Benedict on steroids) and I tried the Chicken Pontalba (Chicken, Cajun ham, mushrooms and potatoes with Marchand de Vin and Béarnaise Sauce).  This was followed by a Crème Brulee and Strawberries Arnaud along with coffee.

To compliment this brunch we enjoyed Mimosas.   I know that some enjoy a Bloody Mary with brunch, but given a choice I will always opt for a glass of Mimosa (or better yet a couple).   There is just something that is so festive about Champagne and orange juice, and if the Champagne is not a great bottle, the orange juice enhances the taste (at least to me).   It is a great way to spend your lunch in a city where an automobile is not necessary; in fact we have never rented a car when we go to New Orleans.

LA Arnaud's MB


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